Make an impact on the women in your life.

By helping them, you help women across Canada — and future generations to come.

Become a Donor

Whether you’re in British Columbia, Alberta or Ontario — you can donate to the women’s health foundation closest to you. Every dollar you give goes directly towards funding more inclusive research, access to educational resources and higher standards of care for women in Canada.


Become a Partner

We collaborate with brands to educate and engage our community on the unique needs of women’s health through mutually beneficial campaigns, products and opportunities that have the power to impact every woman.


Where will my donations go?

Every dollar donated goes directly towards funding inclusive medical research, educational resources and world-class health facilities, equipment and programs across women’s health foundations in Canada.

How does this help my local community?

The Women’s Health Collective is a strategic alliance between women’s health foundations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. When you make your donation, you get to choose which foundation is closest to your heart (and home).

Your dollars go towards supporting:

  • Inclusive research trials. That means collaborative medical research and trials in your community that include women and address their unique needs.
  • Access to information. When we equip women with the information they need to access the healthcare they deserve, they become their own advocates — and show others that they can do the same.
  • Higher standards of care. We know that enhancing the facilities and programs in our local women’s hospitals to match world-class model-of-care lays down the foundation for better, safer treatment.

We want all women to prioritize their health and female-centered care.