Make an impact on the women in your life.

By helping them, you are helping to #FundTheFacts for future generations to come.

Become a Donor

No matter where you live, you can make a difference to women’s health. Every dollar you give goes directly to funding more inclusive research, access to educational resources, and higher standards of care for women across Canada.


Become a Partner

We collaborate with brands on mutually beneficial campaigns, products and opportunities that demonstrate your commitment to building equity in healthcare and research. Your partnership with WHCC will be noticed, respected, and valued by women and their allies – as consumers, colleagues, decision-makers, and leaders.


Where will my donations go?

Every dollar donated goes directly towards funding:

  • Inclusive research trials. That means collaborative medical research and trials in your community that include women and address their unique needs.
  • Access to information. When we equip women with the information they need to access the healthcare they deserve, they become their own advocates — and show others that they can do the same.
  • Higher standards of care. We know that enhancing the facilities and programs in our local women’s hospitals to match world-class model-of-care lays down the foundation for better, safer treatment.

Why donate to women’s health during COVID-19?

We know that the lasting effects of the pandemic will disproportionately affect women and their health:

  • Women comprise 82% of health workers across Canada, putting them at higher risk for exposure to the virus.
  • Social distancing and self-isolation pose a major threat to women, as intimate partner violence rates increase.
  • Prior to COVID-19, more than 1.9 million Canadian women lived on a low income – a number which will rise as the economic impact of the pandemic devastates sectors that employ a high percentage of women, including education, restaurants, hospitality, and social services.
  • Women take on 70% of unpaid responsibilities at home – like caregiving, cooking, cleaning, and homeschooling.

Supporting the health of women is supporting the health of our communities.