It’s time for women’s health to catch up.

We believe every woman is worthy of equitable, accessible healthcare.

It takes 17 years for clinical research to filter down to medical practice. But women have only been included in trials since 1993. Despite decades of progress in science, our picture of health is incomplete – leaving women’s health misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

Imagine if the healthcare knowledge provided to us was information we could trust. Information with integrity because the data is equitable and inclusive. Join Women’s Health Collective Canada in our mission to build an equitable and inclusive future for women’s healthcare and research.

Why invest in women’s health?


Women have only been included in clinical trials for 27 years.


Women’s health research takes 17 years to reach patients.


Up to 75% of adverse drug reactions occur in women.


We partner with value aligned companies who want to see women thrive and succeed.