We’re changing the landscape of women’s health in Canada.

WHCC was created by three of Canada’s leading women’s health and hospital foundations to break the barriers holding us back from providing women(1) with the knowledge and care they deserve.

Through intentional collaboration, WHCC brings resources, fundraising, and some of the brightest minds in science and healthcare together to address the wider gaps we can’t tackle on our own.

(1) Please note, when WHCC refers to “women”, we are referring to women in all their diversity, inclusive of LGBTQiIA+ individuals.

Women can lead corporations and fly fighter jets, but they continue to be misdiagnosed, neglected, dismissed - or told their symptoms are all in their heads. We’re punching through glass ceilings everywhere, but the fact of the matter is there’s still a glass wall through which women are not being heard.

Sharlene RutherfordPresident + CEO
Alberta Women’s Health Foundation

Our network of researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals are working hard every day to bring life-changing data and care to Canadian women.

We’re united in:

  • Funding medical research that addresses the needs of women
  • Raising awareness on the gender health gap
  • Dispelling misconceptions about women’s health
  • Broadening the scope and reach of world class women’s health programs
  • Creating higher standards of care for every woman

Our Pillars of Impact

Mental Health

Gynecological Health

Aging Health

BIWOC Equity & Access

Personal Health Advocacy & Empowerment


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